To send flowers to a family, please consider contacting one of our local florists. The businesses listed here have no affiliation with Serenity Funeral Home, Inc. This information is provided as a service to our families and guests.

Brookie's Florist & Gifts
106 West Bostic Street
Beulaville, NC  28518

Cornerstone Florist & Gifts
228 North NC 41 Highway
Beulaville, NC  28518

Donations may be made in memory of a family member or friend such as the organizations listed below. Be sure to include the name of the deceased and the address of the family so the organization can acknowledge your donation.

Alzheimer's Association
Eastern NC Chapter
400 Oberlin Road, Suite 220
Raleigh, NC  27605

American Cancer Society
930 Wellness Drive Unit B
Greenville, NC  27834

American Diabetes Association
P. O. Box 11454
Alexandria, VA  22312

American Heart Association
4217 Park Place Court
Glen Allen, VA  23060

Carolina East Home Care & Hospice, Inc.
750 S. Kenansville Bypass
P. O. Box 887
Kenansville, NC  28349

Professional and Informational

Duplin County Cemeteries

National Funeral Directors Association

NFDA for the Public

North Carolina Funeral Directors Association

NCFDA Consumer Resources

Social Security Survivor Benefits

Veterans Benefits & Services

Veterans Survivor Benefits