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Many people choose to plan their funerals before their time of death. This preplanning enables them to make decisions about how they want their funeral to be carried out. It also assists them with financial planning by determining the cost of a funeral with today’s prices, and allows them to pay for their services if desired. When you speak to one of our funeral directors concerning preplanning you may plan as little or as much as you want, in steps you are comfortable with.

Step 1 - Arrangement Conference

During an arrangement conference, we can assist you in recording your funeral wishes. We gather information that will be needed at the time of one’s death, such as birth date, place of birth, social security number, occupation, relatives.  We can also note any specific request such as music selections or scripture verses you would like included in your service.

Step 2 - Merchandise Selection

In this step we show you the caskets, urns, and outer burial containers we offer.  We answer any questions about our merchandise and give you the chance of making an informed decision without any pressure.  Upon completion of this conference, we will be able to figure what one’s funeral would be at today’s prices. With this step, no money is paid on the funeral.

Step 3 - Fund A Preneed Funeral Contract

If you are interested in setting aside funds for your funeral, we can assist you in establishing a Preneed Funeral Contract.   The funds can be set up either in a trust fund with our bank or through funeral insurance. The benefits of funeral insurance are:

  • Guaranteed-Issue option available

  • Higher Growth Rate than Trust Funds

  • Payment Plans

    • Single, Monthly, Quarterly, Semi Annualy, or Annual Payment

    • Over the course of 1, 3, 5, or 10 years

With a visit to our offices we can calculate payment options for you and find a premium to meet your budget. The preneed contract is filed with the North Carolina Board of Funeral Service which verifies the funds are held only to be released to the funeral establishment once a death certificate has been issued. The prices in the contract are not guaranteed and are subject to change due to inflation.

Transfer your existing Preneed Funeral Contract

North Carolina Law allows for preneed funeral contracts to be transferred between funeral establishments either prior to or at the time of death. To have your preened transferred to our funeral home, please call us or stop by to speak with one of our funeral directors.


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